Certificate in TCM Intermediate (Mandarin)

Course Objective: The aim of this introductory course in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is to enable people to understand the mystery of meridian and internal medicine after they have acquired basic knowledge of TCM, and use the knowledge on oneself to maintain good health.

Course Name Language Start Date Duration Day Time Course Fees
Certificate in TCM Intermediate (Mandarin) Mandarin 20/06/2020 12 mths - PT Saturday 2pm-6.15pm $3730.00
About the Course

Minimum Attendance for Examination:

  • Local student must achieve 75%

Award of Certificate:

Certificate in TCM Intermediate 

Certificate awarded by:

TCM and Healthcare College

Assessment and Grading:

Module Examination Passing Mark

TCM Meridian Studies

50 MCQ 50%
Internal Medicine of TCM 50 MCQ


Basic Tuina 50 MCQ


TCM Health and Cultivation

50 MCQ

  • The course are not accredited by TCM Practitioner Board (TCMPB)
  • Graduates of the course is not allowed to practice in Singapore
Course Structure

1. TCM Meridian Studies

The meridian theory. Be familiarized with the twelve meridians and branches connecting to body organs. These meridians are distributed throughout the whole body and are effective conduits for the circulation of the body’s vital energy (or “qi”). Learn about the common acupoints and acupuncture manipulation.

2. Internal Medicine of TCM

Discuss the basic concepts of pathogenesis, syndrome recognition, and treatment of disease. Introduce to TCM theory and knowledge and be given a systematic exposition on medicinal physiological and pathological characteristics.

3. Basic Tuina

This module introduces the origins and development of Chinese massage as TCM therapy, including the massage of various acupoints.

4. TCM Health and Cultivation

This module include mainly health lifestyle approach: mental health, environmental health, daily health routines, sleep, diet, sexual health, sports, bath, body care, entertainment, acupuncture massage, drug regimen. Students will also learn about health promotion in relation to body differences, fitness levels, time of day, and environmental influences.

Lecturer-Student Ratio 1: 40

Language – This course will be conducted in Mandarin

Entry Requirement
  • Completed of Certificate in TCM Basic (Mandarin)/Certificate in Introductory Course to Traditional Chinese Medicine (Basic)(Chinese)
  • Obtained a pass in GCE “N” Level in Chinese with a minimum Grade 5 and or pass in TCMHC GCE “N” Level in-house test
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Course Fee


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