Advanced Certificate in Traditional Chinese Medicine Practice

Course Objective: The aim of this course is to let people who graduated from basic, elementary, intermediate and advanced courses of traditional Chinese medicine, to continue study in a more in-depth specialize field of traditional Chinese medicine. To relate pathogenesis and treatment of modern diseases and TCM diseases which in turn to use the knowledge on oneself to maintain good health.

Course Name Language Start Date Duration Day Time Course Fees
Advanced Certificate in Traditional Chinese Medicine Practice Mandarin 25/04/2021 12 mths - PT Sunday 2pm-6.15pm $3730.00

The aim of this introductory course in Traditional Chinese Medicine is to enable people to learn the basics of TCM and be able to apply the knowledge on oneself to maintain good health.

About the Course

Minimum Attendance for Examination:

  • Local student must achieve 75%
  • International student must achieve 90%

Award of Certificate:

Advanced Certificate in Traditional Chinese Medicine Practice

Certificate awarded by:

TCM and Healthcare College

Assessment and Grading:

Module Examination Passing Mark
Contemporary Diseases 40 MCQ 50%
TCM Pharmacology 40 MCQ 50%
Internal Medicine of TCM 25 MCQ 50%
Gynecology and Paediatrics 25 MCQ 50%
TCM Medicinal Dietary 40 MCQ 50%
  • The course are not accredited by TCM Practitioner Board (TCMPB)
  • Graduates of the course is not allowed to practice in Singapore
Course Structure
  1. Contemporary Diseases

This moudle is about how Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) looks at present-day diseases and how they are treated using TCM methods. Examples of such diseases include cancer, diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, lung disease, and asthma. Students would be able to accompany physicians in their clinical practice, to see real- life examples.


  1. TCM Pharmacology

This module involves the study of treatment processes, prescription compatibility and usage of prescription in clinical practice. It is a compulsory foundation course for Chinese medicine professionals. After diagnosing, students will, according to the principle of prescription, learn to determine the appropriate dosage and usage of medicine. Students will also learn how to differentiate and distinguish between primary and secondary levels in the prescription process, and establish their relative effectiveness in accordance to the principle of pathogenesis.


  1. Internal Medicine of TCM

Students who complete this module will be able to discuss the basic concepts of pathogenesis, syndrome recognition, and treatment of disease. Students will be introduced to Chinese medical theory and knowledge, and be given a systematic exposition on medicinal physiological and pathological characteristics. In addition to basic knowledge and skills, they will learn to prescribe medicine for dozens of common diseases under proper prescription drug laws, and will be familiarized with the pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of incurable diseases.  


  1. Gynecology and Paediatrics

This module gives an introduction to the physiology of women, recognizing pathological features and the perfect prescription for care using Traditional Chinese Medicine. Students will be able to describe the growth, development, physiology, pathology, feeding care, prevention and treatment of various diseases from the foetus to the adolescent stage of humans.


  1. TCM Medicinal Dietary

This module will delineate the medical dietary principles in the process of preparing food containing Chinese Medicinal Herbs, to bring out the desired medicinal effect in particular foods. Traditional Chinese medical knowledge will be fused with contemporary cooking knowledge. The process can be defined as “blending medicine with food”, turning the herb into edible compounds. It has the following benefits: increasing nutritional and medicinal value in foods, disease prevention, promotion of au courant physical health, and longevity.


Lecturer-Student ration 1:25

Entry Requirement

– Student must complete Certificate in TCM Intermediate Course. 


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