Certificate in TCM Basic (Mandarin)

Course Objective: The aim of this course is to enable people to learn the basics of TCM and be able to apply the knowledge on oneself to maintain good health.

Course Name Language Start Date Duration Day Time Course Fees
Certificate in TCM Basic (Mandarin) Mandarin 23/05/2021 12 mths Saturday 2.30pm-6.45pm $3830.00
About the Course

Minimum Attendance for Examination:

  • Local student must achieve 75%

Award of Certificate:

Certificate in TCM Basic

Certificate awarded by:

TCM and Healthcare College

Assessment and Grading:

Module Examination   Passing Mark 
Basic of TCM 50 MCQ 50%
Traditional Materia Medica 50 MCQ 50%
TCM Diagnostics 50 MCQ 50%
TCM Pharmacology 50 MCQ


  • The course are not accredited by TCM Practitioner Board (TCMPB)
  • Graduates of the course is not allowed to practice in Singapore
Course Structure
  1. Basic of TCM

This module covers the essentials of Traditional Chinese Medicine.This course is a comprehensive study of the human body internal organs, Yin-Yang and five elements, and fine blood fluid contents. It also aims to shed understanding on how the Yin-Yang and five elements are related to our internal organs and which internal organ is overworked or damaged when certain symptoms appear in the body

  1. Traditional Materia Medica

According to the ancient TCM herbs database there are almost 12800 herbs. However, we will only need to learn around 200 common herbs, and that is enough to cure hundreds of illnesses. Here, in this module, we teach the basics of TCM and TCM Diagnostic process flow, and how to effectively use the right herb to cure sicknesses and enhance our health level.

  1. TCM Diagnostics

In this module, we learn about the essence of TCM Look-Sniff-Ask-Palpation. We also study how to diagnose ailments based on observation of face colour and status, the condition of the tongue, breath sniffing, and breath smell. We will also learn how to trace the roots of health problems. In addition, we will be taught how to palpate and evaluate pulse to diagnose which internal organ is weak and know about the general physical health status of the whole body. We will also learn “qi biao”, “ba li”(eight principles) and “jiu dao” (nine systems) techniques.  After diagnosis, we will start to prescribe medication according to our TCM basics and Traditional Material medical knowledge.

  1. TCM Pharmacology

Over the course of centuries and millennia, our ancestors have passed down knowledge of different herb combinations compounded into different medication to cure different diseases. Now there are plenty of TCM medicine products in the market in the form of herbs, tablets, and potions. The important thing in this module is to learn how to compound a medication that suits your personal physical body. In addition, you are able to cure some minor illnesses like flu, cough or joint pain after this course.

Lecturer-Student Ratio 1: 40

Entry Requirement
  • At least age of 16 or above
  • Obtained an overall pass in GCE “N” Level with a least a Grade 5 in any two subjects or pass in TCMHC GCE “N” Level in-house test
  • Obtained a pass in GCE “N” Level in Chinese with a minimum Grade 5 and or pass in TCMHC GCE “N” Level in-house test 
Course Fees


Description S$
Application Fee                               (Non-refundable) 100.00
Course Material Fee 130.00
Course Fee 3600.00
 Total Amount: 3830.00
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