Mission, Vision / Values & Culture


To be a forerunner and leader in the local and regional TCM training arena. By presenting quality deliverables to clients and bring upon a wide spectrum of healthy lifestyle in the fusion manner (modern scientific health knowledge coupled with traditional TCM culture).


  • To maximize human potential through quality imparting of integrated health knowledge;
  • Lead the TCM and Healthcare training industry with best practices and desirable outcomes;
  • Continue to be creative and innovative in content offerings and deliveries.

Our Values (PATRIOT)

  • Passion: We strongly believe in our vision and love the things we do by executing them in a cohesive and coordinated manner;
  • Application: We ensure students are capable and competent in applying all knowledge learned in a practical manner to delivery best outcomes for their clients;
  • Target Driven: We Strive to be a model organization by achieving a creditable reputation and track records in the TCM and Healthcare training arena;
  • Responsiveness: We proactively engage our clients and other stakeholders for the betterment of outcomes;
  • Innovative: We constantly improve and develop our unique ways, together with our partners and students, to deliver quality services;
  • Outstanding Growth: We constantly modify and transform to create a conducive learning environment that fosters systemic growth of students which could carry them a long way in life for better and healthier lifestyle;
  • Teamwork: We foster unity of purpose, synergistic relationship with optimum results for all stakeholders.


Our Culture

We aspire to be a learning organization and to excel by providing quality deliverables to our clients to be perceived as a value added TCM and Healthcare Training institution in the region.

To achieve that, we emphasize and strive to do things right on the first attempt. We will train and ensure all our stakeholders’ actions are managed in a concerted manner. These include all our overseas accrediting organizations, foreign universities, lecturers as well as our internal and external course developers, internal staff.

In training, only good track records and best outcomes will prevail in industry, as such, we will uphold our reputation and ensure it is well maintained for repeat patronage.

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