• TCM Health Cultivation

    The modern generation by and large experience fatigue as a result from stress, unbalanced lifestyle and unhealthy diet. Health Cultivation is defined as the practice of sustaining, nursing and nourishing one’s body to attain longevity.

  • TCM Beauty Wellness

    Learn the different types of therapy methods that arise from different from aspects, such as food therapy, body slimming through meridians theory and massage.

  • TCM Treatment and Therapy for Kidney Problems

    Students will study the anatomy of the kidney, the biological function of kidney and causes for common seen kidney problems.


  • TCM Medicinal Dietary

    To cater to the popular demand, our institute has designed a TCM Medicinal Dietary Course which aims to impart knowledge on the use of Tradition Chinese Herbs with other ingredients in daily cooking to produce food with therapeutic effect. Medicinal Dietary can help to improve general well-being of one’s health.

  • Introduction to Modern illness

    Modern illnesses such as cardiovascular problems; learn about the causes and prevention measures. 

  • Fu Yang Course

    The course aims to bring out the importance of Fu Yang Concept and TCM theory of balancing the ‘Yang’ in our liver. 

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